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All service packages are customizable to fit your specific needs. Please schedule a free consultation meeting with Regina to figure out what option is best for you. 


21st Century Family Transition™

This package is a comprehensive, six-month, coaching and mediation program that provides all of the emotional and logistical support you and your family need to calmly divorce, from initial separation to final paperwork, without needing lawyers. The program includes:


  • Comprehensive, proprietary online training created by Family Transitions™ to explain every aspect of your divorce so that you feel confident making the best decisions for yourself and your family without needing two separate lawyers

  • Up to five hours of mediation sessions to craft a settlement agreement as unique as your family, leaving you in total control of the process

  •  Six months of weekly support calls to ensure you feel supported and confident in making decisions and weathering the inevitable emotional hurdles that come with the divorce process

Abbreviated Program

If your family is already in separate houses, an abbreviated, 4-month Twenty-First Century Family Transition™ program might be more appropriate for you. It includes all of the elements of the full program, but with an escalated timeline as the couple has already physically separated. 


Divorce Mediation

If you aren't sure where to begin, or just need help to navigate a specific aspect of your divorce, mediation sessions can help the process move along. In these sessions, couples jointly discuss the issues, seeking compassionate and cooperative solutions. Topics to focus on can range from economic planning to co-parenting strategy. 

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DIY Divorce

If you are looking for an alternative approach that is self-directed or just trying to plan for divorce, Family Transition's™ DIY course is a good option for you. This self-paced, online course gives you all of the knowledge and tools you need to complete your own divorce for the cost of only ONE HOUR with a traditional lawyer.

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Download A Free Answer Guide

Get the answers to the top five questions couples ask during a divorce. 

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