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Considering Divorce?

We can help you achieve the life you know you deserve with our comprehensive divorce mediation and coaching program. Schedule a consultation today to meet with one of our experts and to find the solution that works best for you!

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The Secret to Cooperative Divorce
Avoid spending $10k+ on lawyers or destroying your family dynamic!

Regina DeAngelis, Esq., Founder of Family Transitions Divorce Coaching and Mediation, offers this free Webinar that teaches you how to avoid the traditional toxic divorce system and achieve the life that is best for you, your kids, and your spouse. 

Fill out the form below to view the webinar content and begin your Family Transition. 


Family Transitions Mediation & Coaching


Talk with Our Experts Today!

If you are interested in exploring how Family Transitions could help you begin the process towards a better future, schedule a consultation call with one of our experts today. 

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