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Are you Putting off the Inevitable? Why Planning for Your Future Should Start Now

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

As the holiday season approaches, many people find themselves immersed in the festive spirit, surrounded by family and friends. However, for those contemplating divorce, this time of year can be particularly challenging. The decision to end a marriage is never easy, but delaying the process can often lead to prolonged emotional and financial stress. There are many reasons why you shouldn't put off your divorce, if you know in your heart it is necessary. In this blog we are sharing the benefits of starting the planning process now and how it can pave the way for a brighter, more fulfilling future.

  • Emotional Liberation: Delaying a divorce can result in prolonged emotional turmoil, that actually gets worse as time goes by. Living in an unhappy or toxic marriage can have serious consequences on your mental health and well-being. By initiating the divorce process (or at least getting clear on a plan), you take the first step toward emotional liberation. The holidays can be a time for self-reflection and reevaluation, prompting you to prioritize your happiness.

  • Financial Clarity: Procrastination often comes with a financial cost. Delaying a divorce can lead to the entanglement of assets, making it more challenging to navigate financial matters later. Starting the divorce process allows you to gain a clear understanding of your financial situation, enabling you to make informed decisions about asset division, alimony, and child support.

  • Time for Healing: Divorce is a significant life transition that requires time for healing and adjustment. Having a road map to begin transitioning to two households calmly and efficiently provides yourself with the necessary time to navigate the emotional challenges that come with divorce. Planning now means you can enter the new year with a focus on self-discovery and personal growth.

  • Holiday Planning: While it may seem counterintuitive to think about divorce during the holiday season, planning can ensure that next year's holidays are spent in an environment that fosters happiness and well-being. Taking the time to establish coparenting arrangements and holiday schedules early on allows for a smoother transition and minimizes disruptions for all parties involved.

  • Legal Efficiency: The traditional legal process of divorce can be time-consuming. By educating yourself now on the alternatives to “lawyering up” you can explore what options work best for you and your family and start planning a transition now. This could save you tons of money and trauma in the long run.

  • A Fresh Start: Imagine starting the new year with a sense of freedom and the opportunity for a fresh start. By planning your divorce now, you set the stage for personal growth and new beginnings. Embracing change during the holiday season can be a powerful and transformative experience, paving the way for a more fulfilling life in the coming year.

While the decision to divorce is undoubtedly heartbreaking, procrastinating can prolong the pain and hinder your ability to move forward from a place of calm. By starting the planning process now, you take control of your destiny, laying the groundwork for a brighter and more fulfilling future. The holidays may be a time for family, but they should also be a time for self-reflection and the pursuit of happiness. Start the process now by educating yourself on the options available to you through Family Transition’s Step-by-Step Divorce Course. You will learn everything you need to know to complete the entire divorce process without the burdening expenses of lawyers but with all the support you need to feel secure in your decisions. And if you decide you need more support later on, the cost of the course is always a credit towards future Family Transitions™ programs you might wish to participate in.

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