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Don't Stay Stuck Because Of An Uncertain Economy

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

Did you think you were getting divorced but now you feel totally stuck (in limbo) because of an uncertain economy? Well, I am here to tell you that you ARE NOT STUCK! (you just have some assumptions about divorce that likely aren’t true). The truth is, you can totally move forward on your own timeline, for little to no cost, and without lawyers. How can that be? Check out my video below with all the details!

Divorcing through attorneys costs at least $30,000 on average. Even a negotiated agreement typically costs at least $15,000 in legal fees. That is money that can be spent getting you on solid ground after your divorce. While you might want to pay an attorney at the end to “clean-up” your paperwork before dropping it off at the courthouse, they don’t (and shouldn't!!) need to be a starting point. Almost 100% of divorces in this country are concluded with a settlement contract that you and your spouse can absolutely write yourself and drop off at your local courthouse. If you do that, you control the timeline for every decision while managing and reducing the financial impact of divorce on your family. Even though you can totally write that contract yourself (the video above explains how!), we understand that it's easier with guidance and support! To make sure that families who need support can get it, Family Transitions™ has developed a DIY divorce course, the 21st Century Family Transition™ Online Training.

This course is for spouses who want to build their own divorce settlements so that they keep control of every decision regarding assets, support, and custody, but who also want to make sure they do it CORRECTLY. Participants in the course keep control of their timeline for transitioning to two households, and save tens of thousands of dollars by avoiding lawyers. For a limited time, this course is only $500 PER FAMILY and includes 8 weekly calls with Regina. This online course gives you easy to follow, straightforward guidance that allows you to build your own divorce settlement and includes:

  • How to decide what your assets are worth and what assets are “marital” ($1,000- $3,000 in savings)

  • How to decide how much of your assets each person will get ($2,000-$5,000 in savings)

  • How to decide whether debts will be satisfied or divided ($1,000 in savings)

  • How to figure out a co-parenting system (custody arrangement) that works with your lifestyles ($5,000 in savings)


Learn More about the 21st Century Family Transitions™ DIY Online Training Course by scheduling a quick call with Regina today!

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