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At Family Transitions, I am helping change divorce from a destructive process into a family centered transition. I am hoping to change society's beliefs about divorce, one family at a time. 

Real life situations need proper mentoring. I highly recommend Regina De Angelis and her coaching to help ease the uneasiest of transitions.


Kennett Square, PA

I know personally that separation and divorce can be a time in your life when you feel totally alone and have no idea who to turn to for advice. My dear friend Regina De Angelis has a business that comes from both her heart and her incredibly sharp mind. If you need help or know someone who does, please don’t hesitate to call her!


Kennett Square, PA

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As you focus on your transition to a new family unit, it makes sense to talk to a coach-especially one who can walk you through the entire process and prepare your final documents.


As you move through this process, I help you change your beliefs about the process from one of "win or lose" to one of healthy transition.  The story of your divorce doesn't need to be one of destruction and anger.  Write your own story--- choosing collaboration and positivity allows individuals to emerge from this difficult process in a healthier place. 

One step at a time you get there-- as one client said:

"Thank you so much. You are slowly giving me freedom and little by little my load feels lighter. You are truly a blessing!"



Divorce Coaching is for those seeking to reduce the stress and legal fees associated with divorce.  Make your own rules, decide what's best for your family, and get divorced in a way that leaves you healthy and whole.  


I will help you close one chapter while focusing on a fresh new story.  Transitioning you to a new reality with hope and optimism.


Mediation is for couples who have a desire to go through the divorce process efficiently and fairly.  Mediation is a collaborative process that allows the individuals to control the outcome, rather than putting their future in the hands of a broken family court system that does not consider the individual realities of each family.  

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