Good-Bye 2019!!

In some circumstances saying “Happy New Year,” just doesn’t seem appropriate. While the sentiment is welcome, “happy” may seem very far off to those of us dealing with a tough transition. What I’ve found though, is that it’s really just a couple steps away.

As 2019 comes to an end, I find that what I am most hopeful for is PEACE and CONTENTMENT. These are the important first steps on the way to happy :). In order to find peace I will focus on being grateful for ALL my experiences in 2019, good and bad.

It’s with being grateful for all that life has brought me that I will be able to find peace and let go of the feelings surrounding the challenges of the past year.

It’s so important to be willing to reflect on what our past has taught us, and then to leave the sadness, disappointment, or anger those experiences caused IN THE PAST. This is the hardest part and where I know I need to focus in 2020. Sometimes we don’t even realize that we’re still carrying anger or sadness from the past until it rises its head again. Something happens that causes old wounds to open, and we realize that we still have healing to do. I resolve in 2020 to move forward towards finding me again (so maybe I’m really moving in a circle:)). I want to remember that there are blessings in every experience, and many mixed emotions that come with closing doors and moving on. But with each closed door comes anticipation for what’s next. Bringing the wisdom from your past to your new experiences enriches your life and continues your personal expansion.

I am closing 2019 focusing on the idea that everything that has happened has helped me learn something important about myself. My resolution is to take those lessons and use them to show up as an even better version of myself in 2020. I want to continue to help bring peace to families in transition, feel contentment with the journey, and to use these experiences to find “happy” in 2020 :).

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