Divorce is Just One "Season"

As I write this, we are anxiously waiting for Spring to arrive. It is time for the darkness of winter to end and the newness of Spring to emerge. As one season ends we wait with anticipation for the promise of the next to unfold.

Many of us are familiar with the phrase “for everything there is a season,” even if you might not realize it is a quote from the Bible. The passage begins “For everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven.” The seasons of the calendar provide such a perfect metaphor for the seasons of our life as we pass through the stages that mark our growth and evolution. At the end of each “season” we shed our old form and emerge as something new. We transform from young, nervous parents, to confident “imparters-of-wisdom” to our teenagers :), to empty nesters who find ourselves having to discover, once again, who we will be in our next “season.”

We all know too well how each life is a journey filled with joy and loss. We all know that there is no one who moves through life unscathed. The only thing that separates us is how we react to the unavoidable sad times. The words of the Bible, in reminding us that “for everything there is a season,” are so important in not only weathering the inevitable storms, but reminding us to cherish the good times in between.

Recently, I heard Joel Osteen talking about this. He was preaching about the idea that in each of our lives, events will unfold according to God’s plan. His sermon made me think about how true this is for those of us going through a divorce or recovering from a divorce, or for anyone going through a life transition of any kind. It’s so hard to hear when you’re in the dead of winter. It seems as though the spring will never come. We forget what the sun feels like, and long for the carefree feeling of summer. But one of the benefits of age is the ability it gives us to look back and see the patterns of the passing seasons. From my position as squarely middle-aged (sad face emoji), I can see these patterns in my own life, and I can feel when winter has settled in again. In the dark days of winter, the memory of spring and summer days from my past carry me through. Then I take a deep breath, and remember that no matter how long the winter feels, spring is coming.

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