If You Ever Doubted That Everything Happens for a Reason, Check This Out...

I don't usually write my blogs so close together, but I had an AMAZING experience this past Friday that I had to share. What happened to me has nothing to do with my divorce, but everything to do with my family, and I think that telling the story will help those of you out whose faith needs a little push, especially if you are going through a tough family transition or worried that you are on the wrong path.

So here goes. As you probably gathered by now, my sixteen year old son is in a wheelchair as a result of the effects of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. This is an incredibly hard age to be suffering from this disease, as he increasingly loses his independence, as his friends are increasingly gaining theirs. On Friday, we were at lunch with friends discussing how hard this was. My son was expressing his frustration over wanting to be able to drive a car (which will require costly lessons and an even more costly joystick controlled handicapped van). During this conversation our friends mentioned that they were very close friends with a young man who had suffered a devastating spinal cord injury and had been a quadriplegic for the past ten years. We discussed how awesome it would be for their friend and my son to connect, since their friend was living a very successful life, despite what he had been through and despite his disability.

We ended our lunch promising to get the information of the young man with the spinal cord injury and hoping to see each other soon.

Later that afternoon, my sons and I decided to take a chance on driving into Philadelphia to see the Zac Brown Band. We didn't have tickets to the sold-out concert, but we got in the car watching StubHub and hoping prices would come down as we got closer. Lucky for us, they did, and we took a boat from Philly to the show across the Delaware River (this becomes important in a second, I promise!!). Exiting the boat, we were told not to wait in the return line when the concert was over, but to just come straight to the front and they would let the wheelchair on first. At the end of the concert, we did as we were told and went straight to the front. The boat wasn't there yet, and eventually a group of people joined us with their friend in a wheelchair. The young man in the wheelchair immediately struck up a conversation with my son. They chatted a bit, and I mentioned the town where we live. He said he lived in a town just twenty minutes away. (HAVE ANY OF YOU GUESSED YET WHERE I AM GOING WITH THIS??:)). As soon as the young man said where he lived I KNEW it was the young man we had talked about at lunch five hours earlier. I quickly asked him if he by chance new my friends from lunch, and when he said they had been close family friends for twenty-five years, none of us there could believe the coincidence. It was beyond astonishing that, in a concert that I wasn't planning on going to, attended by 26,000 people, my family would run into EXACTLY the person we were talking about needing to talk to about my son's disability. It still gives me chills. We exchanged info, and although we don't know what the future holds, we certainly know IT WAS NOT AN ACCIDENT that we ran into each other that night.

So, as we go through the twists and turns of life (and the not so good pitfalls), I firmly believe that even the tough times are for my ultimate benefit, I just might not see how yet. My experience this past weekend just confirms for me that my life is unfolding exactly how its supposed to, and that there are no accidents.

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