This manuel for moving forward with your divorce gives you the information and tools you need to:

  • avoid costly divorce litigation
  • have meaningful conversations with your partner to decide what assets are worth
  •  consider all the factors involved in deciding how much of the assets each person will get
  • decide whether debts will be satisfied or divided
  • make decisions that will allow you to create a divorce settlement agreement without paying an attorney to do the costly back and forth negotiations.
  • and more...

The information provided is worth at least $6,000 in lawyer's fees ($3,000 per person!), if each party hired their own attorney to learn what's provided here and have attorneys negotiate an agreement.  Successfully using the information in this manual allows you to avoid lawyers as long as possible, and perhaps entirely!  While you could save thousands in fees, the emotional benefits of staying out of litigation and maintaining a healthy outlook are priceless!

Building a Divorce Settlement