The Twenty-First Century
Family Transition™ 

In this 7 module, multi-lesson course you learn the logistical and emotional tools needed to avoid the traditional divorce drama.  You save months of time and thousands of dollars, all while being empowered to transform your divorce from toxic and overwhelming to a compassionate and healthy transition for your entire family. You get all of the information you need to craft your own agreements regarding custody, support, AND asset distribution, as well as instruction on how to get those agreements processed through the court.


How Do We Avoid the Traditional Divorce?

We all can immediately identify the negative and toxic emotions associated with traditional divorce: fear, anger, anxiety, blame, shame, and guilt.


All of these negative emotions and experiences are not only EXPECTED, but are actually PERPETUATED by the current divorce system.


How Does this Course Allow you to Avoid Traditional Divorce Drama?

With The Twenty-First Century Family Transition™ you EMPOWER YOURSELF to reinvent the divorce paradigm by applying the transformative power of empathy, compassion, gratitude and grit to your divorce process.  

This course is for anyone looking to create a healthy foundation for their new story by reducing the emotional AND financial costs of divorce.